Disability Awareness: Dyslexia (Video)

Not all disabilities can be seen. Some disabilities could be related to cognitive or learning difficulties. One such example is dyslexia. To understand the challenges that persons who have dyslexia face, it is important also understand what dyslexia entail.

Below is a short video to explain dyslexia:

Credit: TEDed

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Disability Awareness: Deaf or Hearing Impaired (Animated Video)

Inform@bility is aimed at providing information on disability-related topics to persons with disabilities and their families. In doing so, it is also aimed at raising awareness on disability and the related challenges faced by persons with disabilities and their families.

In order to understand these challenges, persons that do not have lived experience might need to be sensitized on experiences of persons with disabilities.

Below is a short film on the experience of a person with a hearing impairment:

Credit: Jason Marino & Craig Kitzmann