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Virtual Reality (VR) not just for gamers but also for amputees



Virtual Reality (VR) has become more and more of a household name when it comes to the latest technology. We use it in our computer games. Several professional sectors such as architecture and engineering have used it to help us feel as if we are in a real situation e.g. feeling like we are walking through a castle whilst we are at home.

However, medical science has also now started to look at how VR can be used in their sector. One such way is by using VR as a form of therapy for amputees suffering from phantom limb pain. Many amputees have reported that they  feel as if the limb they lost is still there and that they sometimes feel it itching or pain but that they usually cannot do anything about this because the limb is not physically there to treat. VR, however, can assist with this by “tricking” their brain to believe that the limb is still there and “treating” it.

VR could not only assist amputees but also other  types of disabilities such as patients that suffered strokes and, maybe in the future, other types of therapies within the health sector.


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